Inspiration for knitwear often start with an amazing bit of yarn. To stay at the roots of knitwear I often make my own swatches by hand or on my knitting machine.

All these swatches are knitted by the latest fashion trends and are available for sale!

They are original one-off swatches, knitted by hand or machine. At request I can also design garments most suited to these knits and to fit your collection. I will also knit swatches custom to your design wishes, to make it easier for your suppliers to copy a difficult technique, or to have a truly exclusive knitted texture in your collection.

To see more swatches or to inquire price information, please feel free to contact me.

Gold and Copper

A rusty shine covers these knits. Fine gauges are plated with a thick layer, while chunky yarn have a slight shimmer. This will give worn down knits a luxurious feel.

swatches-gold-2 swatches-gold-3


There were a lot of shibori folding techniques over the last seasons, and I do believe indigo will remain important for a while to come. Combined with rough jeans-cotton or yarn used as a woven technique inside knits, indigo can have many textures without the danger of repeat.

swatches-indigo-2 swatches-indigo-3


Unruffled yarn, gently knitted back together, or cut up lace used for chunky knits. By using home spun wool and slub yarn, these swatches are perfect for the warm winter sweater.

swatches-recycle-2 swatches-recycle-3

Graphic Grey

Greys and black always do well in the festive seasons. Use a light shimmer in your yarn to give even a straight forward knit structure a luxurious feel. By using a bright contrast colour you set yourself apart from all the other Christmas collections.

swatches-grey-2 swatches-grey-3