Cables and bobbles and loops, there is no denying it. A good winter sweater requires texture.

A good way to achieve this is by inserting bobbles and loops. Easy to knit by hand, but more difficult for the knit machines to achieve. A great cheat is to add the knitted bobbles on later. If you look closely in shops, you will find that the cheaper brands will do this a lot! Especially with chunky knit, since these are more likely to be hand knitted. Creating bobbles by hand is easy, but very time consuming! (Read expensive!)

The loops on the picture are knitted by hand with a double dip-dye yarn. I dipped each side of the yarn ball in a different colour dye. As the colour goes lighter, the pattern will have less loops. it is great fun to play with bobbles in pattern. All-over, from many to a few, or for example in an argyle pattern. You can also add them in between cable patterns to make the structure look even more complicated!

loops-1 loops-2 loops-3 loops-4

If you would like to knit these loops yourself I recommend the website of knittingunlimited for clear photo’s and a video.