knitted bell stitch

Sometimes, without even looking I stumble upon some really nice stitches. The inspiration for this stitch came from a picture of a photographer. The sweater has a great stitch with a lot of texture. For me, the tiny shapes look like little bells, but it is also a great way to create baubles in your knit.

The swatch I knitted is half cotton and half polyester. It doesn’t take an expert to see the difference. The soft pink has more sharp edges than the polyester. With the red polyester, the texture almost disappears. I do like how the stripe divides the pattern and I could definitely see this even in a big all over stripe!

Unfortunately I cant give any credit to the person who designed or knitted this sweater, but I had to see if I could create this stitch. To see more photo’s of Harry Were check out his tumblr here.

Harry Were Knitted sweater

knitted bells

red knitted bell

pink knitted bell