crochet your knit together

There is a lot of crochet on the catwalk for spring 16. Many labels show dresses, cardigans or even bikini’s completely out of crochet.

As smart as this looks on the catwalk, I can sometimes find it difficult to loose the granny feel of crochet when designing for a collection. Especially when you can’t afford the luxurious yarn or your costumers are not about daring new shapes. One of the solutions is not to crochet the entire piece, but insert crochets details. Think about shoulder seams, edges, lace-like open backs or even details as small as buttonholes. This technique will also give you the opportunity to add that detail of colour that makes you stand out from the crowd!

crochet and knit

close up crochet

combined knitted swatches

crochet and knit

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