sonia-2016 intro

In her spring show 2016 Sonia Ryiel shows bold coloured crochet. Bright red combined with dark blue and black walk between extravagant dresses on this catwalk.

The sweaters in this show seem to have a baseball silhouette to them. Its not surprising to me that the designer choose for this thick open crochet in her collection. The open lace technique reminds us of the mesh fabrics, which are so often used in sports. The combination of the darker colour framing the red looks simply brilliant. It gives the sport-like motives a more feminine flow.

It would have been so much easier to crochet this stitch, but since my last cat-walk update was all about crochet I decided to try and knit this open lace structure. It took a few trialsĀ  but at the end I created a stitch similar to the open honeycomb stitch. I have adapted the stitch so the wholes would look bigger, as in the dresses of Sonia.

To view the collection of Sonia Rykiel, please click here.

sonia rykiel knit

Photo’s and sketches by Jacobien Spekreijse. Feel free to re-post and blog, but please add my name and website!