brown-crochet Rosetta Getty

And also this fall fashion week crochet is everywhere on the catwalk. Granny squares are officially off the sofas and into the wardrobe. The ones seen on the show at Rosetta Getty make everyone wish they could crochet.

There is a lot of burgundy going on in this show. The knitted woollen pullovers have a turtle neck and are looking warm and cosy. But the most striking pieces are the two crocheted garments, a poncho and a skirt, completely out of alpaca wool granny squares. Lucky for us a very fast and easy way to crochet!

For the full collection of Rosetta Getty click here.

crochet design

granny square

granny sqaure crochet

brown-burgundy crochet

crochet Rosetta

All photo’s and sketches are made by Jacobien Spekreijse. Feel free to use and repost, but always mention my name or website.