The fall shows for 2017 have already began and is taken over many websites. However, I would like to take you back to last year. I mean, its not like we are wearing fall sweaters yet, are we? And the Orley fall collection is one worth looking back for.

The knitted pieces of this show have amazing cable patterns. The cables follow the contour of the body and intertwine in very elegant places. First I thought the black accents had to be some sort of an intarsia pattern, but further study showed me something else.
The black is crocheted on top! By making small holes in between the white cable pattern the thick black yarn is guided through the cables. Giving the sweater an ingenious difficult look! I have recreated the pattern by crocheting the black yarn itself first to make an extra thick black stripe effect.

To view the full collection of Orley, please click here.





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