delpoco pre fall knit

This pre-fall collection from Delpozo  is a bright one. Saturated hues with shiny turquoise prints combined with bright orange, blues and red. It is amazing how all the colours go so well together, but of course, it is the knit I want to talk about.

At Delpozo big chunky knitted cables are replaced for a woven cable pattern, in technical terms known as Entrelac stitch. This stitch gives the illusion that knitted bands are woven into each other, well in fact the stitch is knitted by picking up stitches at one end and stitching stitches together at the other end. Again a very time consuming stitch as you can’t just knit each row back and forth. Should you want to machine knit this stitch, the machine will have to go back on itself for each diagonal knitted band. Taking a lot of time and money..

Bu the result is a beautiful chunky, but very light structured piece of knit. At Delpozo it is used for sweaters, scarves and even a dress! Simply stunning!

To view the full collection of Delpozo, click here.

Delpozp pre fall knit

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