Black and white in chunky yarns. Get ready for BIG cables.

A collection worth looking at for knitwear is the Anrealage Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear. Fot this collection creative director and designer Kunihiko Morinaga has worked with the conccept of light. Everything on the catwalk is black, including the models faces and hair. The clothes look like a flashlight is used to draw attention to one white spot on the clothing, showing the texture and technique used in the material.

For knitwear Morinaga has used what looks like heavy cotton yarn, wich makes the cables visible, even in the darker parts of the clothes. He intergrated this heavy knits in coats, combining the knit with wool.
There is also a lot of circular knitting going on. Graduatly knitting from the white spot to the darker shades.


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