There has been a lot of talk about crochet lately, also on this blog. Not only has it been seen on the catwalk, in the shops and on the streets, but also in daily life crafters seem to pick up on the crochet trend.

One designer who has caught my eye on the internet is Katie Jones. Katie brings crochet (and knit) to a whole new level! Finally some one who is not afraid of colour, and enjoys the quirky shapes you can only achieve through crochet! Inspired by techniques found all over the world she truly creates something unique. I absolutely love her website, which is an outburst of bountiful photo’s, yarn and happiness!

When you need some colourful inspiration in these dark days, please visit Katie Jones website. You can click here for the link. The images below are from her latest collection KICKBACK, SCOOTCHIE AND THE SUNDANCE KID. Photographer: Rachel Manns