hayley Grundmann

I love it when designers knit with something different than yarn. Even I graduated with knitted pieces made out of bin bags. Hayley had the same idea, but went BIG! Her silhouettes are huge with big fringes and tapes sweeping along the knitted body parts. For her graduation show she also knitted with rubber tubes. The shapes and shapes, together with the colours of these ‘waste’ material give a beautiful, almost sculpted knit art.

I’ll admit it, sometimes it takes a while before I discover the obvious. It wasn’t until I heard about the collaboration with Savile Row tailors that I discovered Hayley Grundmann. Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to own a website, so the information a gathered are from blogs and other websites. If someone knows a better site for her work, please leave a comment! The images shown on this blog are from her graduation show in 2015. 1Granary, please click for the link.

Like I said, she is already working with some big names, I just hope she doesn’t give up on these wow-factor knit pieces!!

All images courtesy of Hayley Grundmann
And from the website 1Granary

Hayley grundmann

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