emma brooks knitted swatches

Emma Brooks just graduated as a textile designer but has specialized herself in knit design. Her website is a feast of knitted swatches, all knitted in English wool.

You can see her love for knitting as she explores very technical and complicated stitches as well as some more known cable patterns. Due to the high quality of the materials she uses they all has a very modern and luxurious glow to them.

However, when I look at her fashion portfolio I cant help but miss the feeling of passion she so clearly puts in her swatches. One style simply looks amazing, yet the other ones just look a bit ordinary. The styles are quite¬†simple and miss the creativity you see in the swathes. Never the less, Emma Brooks is definitely someone to keep an eye on. I can’t wait to see what she will do now she is graduated!

Visit the website of Emma Brooks here.

emma brooks 1

emma brooks 2

emma brooks 3